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Why your student should keep practicing during the summer!


Why your student should keep practicing during the summer!

by Karen

As school band programs are coming to an end, we have a lot of customers who return their instruments for the summer knowing that they will start back up in the Fall. The argument is that if the student is not playing in school band, he or she will simply never play the instrument at all so it just sits in its case. Well, there are actually quite a few big advantages that come with continuing to practice music during the summer months!

  1. Playing an instrument is not like riding a bike!

    It only takes a week away from the trumpet to lose strength in your embouchure. It does not take too long to forget fingerings for common scales. Playing consistently will ensure that all the skills the student worked so hard to build during the school year will not go away!

  2. Music can be competitive. Playing during the summer can give your student and edge up over the competition!

    Many school band programs will have playing tests or seating tests to decide who gets to play the highly sought-after solo parts. If your student practices regularly during the summer, he or she will be ready to take on the challenge in the fall! With so many students taking time away during the summer, your child has a greater chance of advancing!

  3. Playing solo music is FUN!

    It is easy to get bored or overwhelmed in band class, but playing solo pieces can be a lot of fun! What songs does your child enjoy? What are his or her favorite movies? Here at Music & Arts Center, we have a lot of excellent sheet music options for solos for just about every instrument you can think of!

A great way to ensure that your child has successful summer practice is through private music lessons. Give us a call at (909)989-5757 to join our awesome lesson studio!