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New Teacher Spotlight:


New Teacher Spotlight:

by Peter

Music & Arts in Redmond is proud to annouce Laura Coronel as a new Violin and Viola teacher here. Laura is accepting students for Monday afternoons. Below is a detialed Bio of Laura. Please contact the store at 425-881-8777 to register.

I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’ve been living in Washington since 2012. I started playing violin as a teenager and obtained my degree at the Conservatory of Music “Julian Aguirre” in Buenos Aires, where I graduated with honors as Violin Performance Teacher and Professor in Musical Arts for early education, middle and high school.


I was professor for the violin performance course for beginner and intermediate students at the Conservatory of music “Julian Aguirre” for over 3 years. Also I was in charge of violin classes for the conservatoire's orchestra violin section and coordinated string ensembles within the orchestra. Every year I consistently transformed a group of children without any background music into a solid, functional youth orchestra.

In addition to working as a violin professor, I also worked as a music teacher in the Argentinian public school system across all grades from kindergarten to high school. My teaching methodology focuses on the enjoyment of the practical aspects of making music while developing a solid base in music theory. Throughout all my teaching years, I consistently obtained the highest score in the teacher yearly survey.

As a violin performer, I played with the renowned youth orchestra in Buenos Aires “Colon Theater Academic Orchestra” and in a great variety of chamber music groups as well. Since I grew up in the epicenter of Tango, I naturally devoted a significant amount of time to Argentina's folk music. I performed with several tango orchestras in the most prestigious tango venues across several provinces in Argentina.

Currently, I’m enjoying playing with the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, where I participated as assistant concert master in two concerts at Benaroya Hall, as well as continuing my education by taking lessons with Michael Miropolsky (Seattle Symphony).