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Coming Up: Group Guitar Classes


Coming Up: Group Guitar Classes

by Holly

"Electric guitar" from Wikimedia Commons By Feliciano Guimaraes. CC BY 2.0

School’s letting out, the weather’s getting nicer, camping trips are on the horizon.  You’d love to get out that guitar and strum songs on the porch, around the campfire, on the beach.  One problem: you have no idea how to play that thing.

Never fear!  Our Group Guitar classes are just the ticket to begin your new hobby.  These classes are an easy, affordable way to start your musical journey alongside other beginners. 

The sessions will be led by our own guitar teacher, George Schumann.  George has been playing guitar for over 35 years and teaches all styles of music including rock, blues, jazz, and contemporary songs.  He focuses on teaching songs that incorporate theory and technique to keep learning fun. You can learn more about George on our website

Group Guitar is $50 for five sessions (payment due before the first session) and runs May 30 to June 27.  Classes meet each Saturday in the store from 9-10 AM. 

To reserve a spot, you may:

  • Visit the store
  • Call us at (614) 863-3200
  • Email  (be sure to provide your name, phone number, and anyone else on whose behalf you're emailing)