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by John

As musicians we are always looking for a better voice for our music and just the right instrument to provide it. No problem for a singer right, it’s built in, but for an instrumentalist that voice has to come from the instrument we play.  As with most things musical instruments come in many different levels of precision, quality and price however, most fall into 3 basic categories, Beginner, Intermediate and Professional.  Beginner instruments are of course geared toward someone just starting out and usually have simplified features, are very durable and made to be the most affordable.  On the complete opposite end of the spectrum are professional instruments which are made from the best materials and have the most features, to not only produce the best sound but give the player the most flexibility and highest level of performance.  These instruments however also come at a much higher price. Then there are intermediate level instruments that are produced to fill the gap in between. Geared towards the advancing player that is ready for a better vehicle for their music but may not be quite ready for the price tag of a professional instrument. These instruments provide better sound and more features but are manufactured in a way to also make them very affordable.

Most school band students start out on beginner level instruments much like what can be rented from Music & Arts and are the perfect vehicle for a young player to learn all the basics. However once a student grasps these fundamentals many are usually ready to move on to a higher level instrument by the end of their first year in band.  The best part is if you rented a beginner instrument from Music & Arts we have a program to help and in most cases some or all of the credit built up in the rental can be used towards a higher level instrument. In addition every spring and fall we offer special sale pricing, financing and even instrument showcases where we bring in additional inventory.  

We are currently in the Middle of our FALL Upgrade Your Sound Event and are offering 10% off on instruments over $299 as a well as special 18 month 0% financing! Give us a call at the store at 804-358-1981 and we would be glad to give you more information on upgraded instruments, our rent to own program and the current special sale incentives.