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NYSSMA! What do you need for your day at the Festival!


NYSSMA! What do you need for your day at the Festival!

by Joseph

Hello Readers!

NYSSMA is approaching and many customers have questions on how many copies you need or if certain things are appropriate for NYSSMA!

So the first thing you should do is make sure your Solo is in the most up to date NYSSMA Manual! If your solo is not it will not be accepted at the festival. You can always check with us here at Riverhead Music & Arts if you have any questions we will have no problem checking.


                                                         The NYSSMA Manual 2016 Edition!

The second you need to know is how many copies do you need. The reason you can not make a copy is for copyright reasons. The person who wrote the piece needs to get credit for his work being performed so buying the piece gives the composer recognition for your student perorming his or her piece.

There are two ways music is accepted at NYSSMA.

  1. You have a copy that has a Piano Pull Out. Most solos have a Solo Part and a Piano Part. The piano part has the solo on the top staff and a different part in between to make an accompiament to the player.


                                                        (Copy Of Orginal and Piano Pull Out of same Piece)


  2. Original Pieces. Some pieces such as Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass come in some of the Suzuki books. These books only contain one copy of the solo. So you have to buy a second copy for the ajudicater.



                                                                    (Needs 2 Copies, No Piano Pullout)


The third thing for NYSSMA is your schools NYSSMA form. All schools have the same form but hand it out differently. Some fill it out and hand it to you at the day of NYSSMA. Some schools make the child fill it out at the event. The best thing to do is to check with your schools music teacher on the procedure they have setup.

The fourth thing is scales! On all levels of NYSSMA you are required to memorize scales. Depending on the level depends on how many scales you need memorized. The following are the scales you need to have memorized. This is for instrumental NYSSMA!

  • Level 1 - 2:                     3 Scales of your choice!
  • Level 3- 4:                      7 Scales, Adjudicators choice!
  • Level 5,6 and Allstate       14 Scales, Adjudicators choice!



The final thing you need for NYSSMA is to dress up! Dressing up is a huge thing that any adjudicator will appreciate. It shows that you are serious and makes you more confident in your playing! That one is my opinion since i have always dressed up for all my levels of NYSSMA!