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Interested in Group Lessons?


Interested in Group Lessons?

by Charles

Have you ever wanted to learn to play a new instrument with your best friend, or wanted to play in a small group or ensemble but never seemed to have enough players?  This summer, Music and Arts in Rockville is giving you the group experience that you've always wanted! While we believe that the best way to gain technical skills on an instrument is through one-on-one lessons, it is important to develop ensemble skills as well which can be difficult to do when school is not in session.  That's why, for the first time ever THIS SUMMER, we are offering group lessons on your favorite instruments! Our extremely talented teachers will be going beyond the traditional private lesson studio scene, giving you or your child the group experience that you've always wanted! Call us at (301) 881-6550 or stay tuned to our blog and emails for more information as the school year comes to an end.