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It's Repair Month! Have you brought your instrument in for a check up?


It's Repair Month! Have you brought your instrument in for a check up?

We bring our cars in for routine maintenance every few months or so to make sure that they keep running smoothly. We go see the doctor for our annual physical every year. Just like our cars and our bodies need regular checkups, so do our instruments! The last thing you would want is for your instrument to break down right before a concert because of problems that could have been prevented with regular maintenance. 

All instruments can benefit from routine maintenance. At Music & Arts, we have highly trained technicians who can give your instrument the proper care and attention that it deserves. Some things that a technician will look at when you bring your instrument in for maintenance include:

  • - Realignment of keys, rods, and pistons
  • - Clean out build up that cannot be removed from at-home care
  • - Replacing and reseating pads on woodwind instruments
  • - Freeing stiff or stuck slides and pistons on brass instruments
  • - Ensuring proper action on string instruments

Most technicians recommend that you bring your instrument in at least once every six months for routine maintenance. Ask us about our instrument maintenance plans to learn how you can save money and still give your instrument the care that it needs and deserves, so you or the instrumentalist in your life can spend less time waiting on a broken instrument and more time playing.