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Welcome our newest lesson instructors!


Welcome our newest lesson instructors!

As many of you may know if you've visited the store in the last few months, we did a huge renovation to the store at the end of May. With this renovation we added two new lesson studios so as to accommodate our growing student population. With these new studios we've been able to bring on several new teachers who we're excited to have on our staff! Here are a few of the teachers who have joined or are joining our staff:


Dr. Stephen Omelsky

Stephen has substituted for us for many years and now that we have another low brass studio space available, we are excited to have him on our permanent roster! Stephen has his doctorate in trombone performance and is also finishing up his certification to teach in the Maryland public school system.


Kiendra Chester

Kiendra has been teaching at our Germantown store for the past four years and we finally have the opportunity to have her join our staff! Kiendra teaches piano and is wonderful with young students as well as adults.


Justin Wilson

Justin is a talented and accomplished opera singer who has been teaching up and down the state of Maryland for the past seven years. He encourages students to discover what their voices do best, be that opera, musical theatre, pop, etc.


Kevin Schellhase

Kevin is another teacher who has subbed with us in the past who we are lucky to have joining our permanent staff. Kevin is a piano and vocal teacher with performance experience including the Victorian Lyric Opera Company and the National Philharmonic Chorale.


Dr. Han-Ying Daisy Hsieh

Daisy is an accomplished vocal and piano teacher with performance experience in the US and abroad. Daisy works with students of all ages, making sure to expose students to a variety of genres throughout the course of their lessons.


If you are interested in lessons with any of our wonderful instructors, please give us a call at (301) 881-6440 or come and see us in the store!