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Selmer S80 C* Mouthpiece and why it is worth the uprgrade.


Selmer S80 C* Mouthpiece and why it is worth the uprgrade.

by David

Hey there! My name is David Aubuchon and in this blog we are going to talk about a very specific saxophone mouthpiece, the Selmer S80 C* and why it is in the player’s best interest to upgrade to this mouthpiece. A few years back I upgraded saxophones from my simple student model to a professional level Yamaha-62 alto saxophone in order to prepare myself for college. Along with that purchase I also bought a Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece to really enhance the sound produced by my new saxophone. Let’s get in to mouthpiece a little bit.

The S80* is the classical mouthpiece of the century which is definitely what you need if you are going to study classical saxophone.  Let’s talk about the features of this mouthpiece and why it is definitely worth the upgrade.

  • Wide Response of volume.

    • Going from pianissimo to fortissimo is no problem.

  • Plays with a nice warm sound when playing.

    • One of the things that any classical player will tell you is that you want to have a nice warm and dark tone. What I mean by dark tone is something that is balanced within an ensemble.  The S80 C* will give you that dark and warm sound that you are looking for as a player.

  • It also provides a good balance point for an ensemble.

    • The S80 C* provides a great balance for the ensemble. One thing that can be an issue is having too much saxophone sound within a group. This mouthpiece gives you enough sound but not too much.

  • The S80 C* is a good flexible mouthpiece that can make vibrato happen more easily.

    • Vibrato can make the simple solo sound have so much more than just notes on a page and adds to the overall sound of the solo.

  • It is recommended by school teachers, college professors, and professional musicians.

When I bought my saxophone, my college lessons instructor told me “David, now that you have this new pro level sax, you need to have this mouthpiece to go along with it”.  Even if it is not time for you to upgrade saxophones, this mouthpiece can make a huge difference in the players overall tone.

If you would like to see this mouthpiece or learn a little more, check it out on our website listed below,