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Now is the Time to Think Vandoren


Now is the Time to Think Vandoren

by Isaac

Here at Music & Arts we are determined to provide everything a current or future musician needs to succeed. That's why this March we are concentrating on making the musical essentials easier to obtain. This march is the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces, with special limited time only savings.

It's a good idea to buy the players current size reeds and the next size up. March is the best time to equip yourself for the moment and plan for the future by getting your third box of Vandoren reeds for just five dollars.

A new mouthpiece can not only improve sound quality, but also provide improved comfort and allow for less effort on the players behalf. Expand tonal possibilities with a new Vandoren mouthpiece, and be rewarded for it too, with your choice of Vandoren reeds

Get the essentials, and get them for less, here at Music & Arts.