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Why your child should take lessons OUTSIDE of school!


Why your child should take lessons OUTSIDE of school!

by Karen

In my time at Music & Arts Center, I have frequently encountered the following response when advertising my store’s awesome private lesson program:

“Well, my child already plays in school band.”

That’s GREAT!!!

I gained so many important skills by participating in my school’s music program. I learned how to follow directions, be accountable for an individual responsibility, work together as a large group of diverse individuals to create a successful product, and even had exposure to amazing leadership opportunities! No other activity offered in school taught me all of those important lessons simultaneously.

So, when our sales staff advertises our company’s lesson program, it begs the following question:


There are endless advantages to participating in private lessons in addition to playing in school groups! Let’s break it down:

1. Your private teacher is a specialist in your instrument!
Most school band directors were music education majors in college. College music education programs require that majors learn every instrument. Unfortunately, these courses are often only a few weeks long, so the teachers only learn the basic knowledge for every instrument. A private teacher has several years’ experience on your student’s instrument! This way, your child will learn how to play correctly, from correct fingerings to advanced techniques and even to posture in order to avoid injury!

2. Your private teacher will cater the lessons to your needs! No more feeling bored or overwhelmed in class!
When students quit band, it is often because they feel like they are not learning a quickly as the rest of the group or that they are way too advanced and become bored. Private lessons solve those problems. A private teacher will teach at the exact pace needed for the student. If they are having a hard time reading notes, for example, he/she will wait until the student is very comfortable with this before moving on to more advanced topics!

In the case of the student feeling bored, private lessons offer more advanced and challenging music! Teachers will also pique a student’s interest by choosing songs based on the style of music they like to play!

3. Private lessons offer opportunities to perform solos in front of an audience!
In band, it is easy for students to hide behind the other players if they are not confident in music. In life, we do not get to hide behind people all the time. From job interviews to school or work presentations, we have to be able to get in front of a group and, essentially, perform! Your local Music & Arts Center offers at least four recitals every year for lesson students! This gives the students an opportunity to get in front of a group and play. The more practice performing solos, the easier it gets! And this skill definitely translates to other non-musical presentation situations! 

4. Private lessons are FUN!
No explanation needed here!

If you want your child to get the BEST experience out of learning an instrument, you should definitely consider private lessons! And at the Music & Arts Center in San Dimas, we have many incredible lesson instructors that make learning music an AWESOME experience! Give us a call at (909)599-0325, and our well-informed sales staff can get you set up with a complimentary introductory lesson!