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Event Recap - Instrument Petting Zoo @ SYSO


Event Recap - Instrument Petting Zoo @ SYSO

March 10th, 2019 @ The Al Larson  Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg Illinois.

Our Educational Representitive, Adrian, and myself were invited to the Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra Concert to do an hour instrument petting zoo for students to have the opportunity to try instruments before the concert. We worked with tons of kids on getting them to make sounds on a flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and stringed instruments. Their parents even got involved with the process. Adrian ended up teaching the whole room how to buzz into a trumpet or trombone mouthpiece. It was a very fun experience for everyone. Parents were so excited to see their kids playing instruments that were bigger than them.

This concert had more than just an instrument petting zoo, they also had the kids act as conductors for small ensembles that were placed throughout the venue. The concert itself was about an hour long and they played Benjamin Brirtten's "Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra". Overall it was a fun concert. There were nothing but smiles.

We also brought along upgraded string instruments for people to look at in preparation for our String Showcase Event taking place at the Itasca Music & Arts on Arpil 13th.

Last Sunday, March 10 we took our neighbor who is in fifth grade to the Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra concert which featured a musical instrument petting zoo sponsored by Music and Arts.  The facilitators, Adrian Gomez and Maureen Barry did a marvelous job working with the many children who wished to try an instrument. Adrian was especially patient with the little girl we brought to the concert as she struggled to make a sound on the trumpet. He tactfully offered a trombone instead and she had success!  Maureen was also very pleasant and inviting to the children and did a fabulous job getting them to produce sounds quickly and easily. Thank you for providing this support to the community. -Dan O'Connell (Retired Orchestra Director)