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Open House Weekend!!


Open House Weekend!!

Hello Fellow Musicians!

It's time for the Open House Weekend! Dont forget to come in and take advantae of our free classes and Open Mic Night! We're going to be starting off the weekend with our Open Mic Night this Friday, June 22! Come in and show us what you've got!

The following day holds more excitement with our Pointers 4 Players FREE Beginners guitar classes. Come in at either 11AM or 1PM to learn the basics from our stellar teachers Ukiah Odom and Chris Harrison! Sign up for your first month of lessons to get yourself a FREE Guitar or Ukulele! That's right, FREE! Get your musical career started in style. Players can also take advantage of our guitar Starter Packs. Everything you need to get started for a lower price than normal.

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your musical journey. Don't miss out on your own potential. Take lessons at Music & Arts today!