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Teacher Spotlight: Gracy Lee Wen Ling


Teacher Spotlight: Gracy Lee Wen Ling

by Wendy

Wen Ling Lee, AKA Gracy, has been teaching for more than 35 years with 6 years experience as a performing pianist at Yamaha. Her concert performances included solo and duets with special artists from Japan and Taiwan. She lead a busy life as a pianist with Yamaha. When she got married, she decided to dedicate her life to molding young talents and inspiring their love for music through her teaching. She had a reputation as an established piano teacher in Taiwan and was highly sought after especially in the Japanese community. Her proficiency in Japanese added value to her already outsanding teaching methodology.


When she arrived in Atlanta in 2004, she was almost a newcomer in the industry here. however that did not deter her from living out her passion in music and teaching. It didn't take her long to get back to work - and she took her first step in building her career in the states by mastering the English language. The 5 years spent inlearning the language and performing for charity proved her determination in pursuing her goals in life. She selected Music & Arts as the place she would pursue her career in the US as a piano teacher.


Her youngest student is a 3 1/2 year old who understands "WHOLE NOTE". Her teaching philosophy is teaching from the heart. She teaches not for monetary gains. She teaches because she wants to inspire young ones. She has 2 students who followed her footsteps and became piano teachers. Through recommendation of current students and parents, she has acquired more students each year.


She believes in developing the musical sense and appreciation of students. She wants to see her students play with heart, soul and spirit. That is the attitude she aims to cultivate in her students. She ensures students experience music as a flow encounter filled with enjoyment and satisfaction. If her student plays a piece without any expressions, she will ask them "Are you dead or are you alive?!!" . "Attitude" is what matters to her for her students. Laughter is never amiss in the studio when she is teaching.


One of the highlights of her teaching pedagogy is to empower students to improvise music accordance to their personal style. She has her own curriculum that combines all the different piano method books that make it easy and fun for her students to learn!


Her teaching method and her secret of retaining her students is by improvising the piano method book to the need of her students according to their character and personality. That keeps them playing and practicing the music. Although the students are playing and practicing the same song, they all have a different style, as it is improvised by Gracy Lee. She even teaches her youngest musicians at the earliest stage with simple improvisation. She wants her students to be able to use the knowledge and implement on ahny music, not just playing any music.


According to Gracy - dressing up brightly also helps the young musicians look forward to seeing her every week besides stimulating their senses. You will always see her as a colorful person.


She has never ceased to explore and discover new ways to enrich her lessons. It breaks her heart when students stop their lessons. Her advice for a successful career is to love what you do. After all, she loves to inspire young people in what she does best. As she said, "A great teacher is a teacher who is able to inspire her students".


Gracy teaches piano at Music & Arts Snellville, GA. Gracy has a B.M. in Piano and Electric Organ and over 35 years of teaching experience.