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    • Austin
    • Senior Sales Associate - Snellville
    • Hey! My name is Austin, and I'm a senior sales associate at the Lawrenceville Music & Arts! I was born in San Antonio, Texas but spent most of my life in Florida and Georgia. I've been heavily influenced by music since the age of 10, but when...
    • Joseph
    • Senior Sales Associate - Snellville
    • Hello everyone! My name is Joseph Mills III and I am very excited to be a part of Music & Arts. I originally was introduced to music at a very young age growing up in a church environment. Very early on, I grew a love for music and joined band in...
    • Oriana
    • Retail Manager - N - Snellville
    • Greetings! My name is Oriana Doemland, or as most of my co-workers know me as "OOOOH!" I am a spunky California native living in fast-paced artistic and musical world of Atlanta, Georgia. Art, whether it is visual arts or music, has been a passion of...
    • Victoria
    • Senior Sales Associate - Snellville
    • Hello! My name is Victoria, and I have a strong drive for music. My main focuses are guitar and violin. I spent 5 years doing Orchestra classes at Crews MS/Brookwood HS, and I am also a former lessons student of Music & Arts. I love live music, and...