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    • James
    • Senior Sales Associate - South Austin
    • I am a professional trombonist and a specialist in brass pedagogy. For over 20 years I have strongly advocated student participation in music in the schools. I believe a student's involvment in music and in the arts is critical to a well-rounded education....
    • Jeremy
    • Senior Sales Associate - South Austin
    • I started my musical career in Colorado, playing trumpet in middle school through high school and found my love of music pursuing choir, band and jazz band. Wanting to be in a more musical area, I now live in Austin Texas, & am happy to be back home....
    • Lance
    • Retail Manager - N - South Austin
    • I've loved music all my life! I am a drummer & singer who didn't quite become a Rock star, despite years of playing professionally. With 30+ yrs. experience helping people pursue music making, if it's school band & orchestra, or you want to start...
    • Mark
    • Senior Sales Associate - South Austin
    • Mark has nearly fourteen years of experience playing the clarinet and has been teaching private music lessons for 5 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from The University of Texas at Austin, with an emphasis in woodwind studies....
    • Vance
    • Retail Manager - N - South Austin
    • I was born in Austin, Texas, and grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas. I have had a love for music and have been playing drums and percussion for as long as I can remember. At age three I started to beat on pots and pans. I began playing drums in 6th grade...