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Spotlight: 3 Great Guitar Effects Pedals


Spotlight: 3 Great Guitar Effects Pedals

by Travis

Guitar playes are notorious for futzing with their sound, experimenting with an endless array of gear to find that elusive "perfect tone."  For some, this means a great guitar plugged straight into a great amp.  For the more sonically adventurous, though, it means acquiring as many effects pedals as possible.  The crazier the racket they can generate with their instruments, the better.  Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to highlight three of my favorite pedals that will still be on sale at 15% off through the end of Saturday night.

The MXR Phase 90. - Not only is this the archetypal phase pedal, its original model was also the protype for every phaser that followed.  So what does a phase pedal do, you might ask?  Depending on how you adjust them, they can add anything from a light shimmer (think David Gilmour's liquidy solos with Pink Floyd) or make it sound like you're playing through a jet engine instead of an amp (think that swooping sound in the breakdown before the solo in Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way?") 


The TC Electronic Ditto Looper. - Loopers allow you to record a selection of your playing and then put it on repeat while you play over the recorded track.  You can add virtually limitless layers to the loop, allowing the player to become a one-person orchestra if they're so inclined.  They are fantastic as practice tools (i.e. you can record a chord progression and practice soloing over it) or as live performance enhancers, aloowinig one guitarist to sound like two or more with a few simple taps of the foot.  The Ditto is among the most versatile loopers in its price range, even allowing the player to reverse or the loop or play it at 1/2 speed in real time.  Truly a joy to use!!!


The MXR Dyna Comp Compressor. - Compressors enhance the guitar's natural sound, giving it more pop and punch by controlling the signal's dynamic response.  Almost any pro player will tell you they're an extremely important (many would even say critical) ingredient in getting a truly magnificent tone, and compressors don't get much more iconic than the Dyna Comp.  Used by everyone from Joe Perry to Adrian Belew to Sonny Landreth, this compressor is one of the most adored pedals in the history of guitar effects. 


As I mentioned, you can get all three (and more) at 15% off through Saturday, so if you're looking to spice up you're guitar sound, come by and try out these and all of our other great effects pedals!  Happy picking!