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Know Your Tone


Know Your Tone

by Adam

As an electric guitarist for my church, I have found that it is important to have the perfect tone. While a lot of the tone comes from the player, guitar, and amp, there are other ways to create a better tone. This typically means having pedals that can change your tone for the appropriate situation. There are hundreds of different pedals that are used to do this. Pedals range from overdrive to distortion, for rock and metal tones, reverb and delay pedals, that help create ambient sounds and also help make the guitar sound more full, and many other effects such as tremolo, chorus, phase, and even octave generators. It doesn’t take a lot of pedals to help build the tone that you want. Pedals can be used as building blocks to build the tone that you want. Luckily Music & Arts provides a large selection of guitar effect pedals, both in store and online. Here we can help guide the player to build their own tone, and the tone that the player is truly looking for.