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    • Logan
    • Senior Sales Associate - South Hill
    • My name is Logan somers and I joined the music and arts team in August of 2019! I have played many instruments over the years including Clarinet, Viola, Piano and Bassoon. I am currently going to Pierce College to get my AA in music and I play Bassoon...
    • Marissa
    • Senior Sales Associate - South Hill
    • Hi there! I joined the Music and Arts family July of 2019 to learn more about different instruments and to help promote the importance of music in peoples' lives. Music is so important to us because it is what creates a sense of culture and belonging....
    • Ryan
    • Retail Manager - N - South Hill
    • I joined Music & Arts in April of 2014 to help everyone with their musical passion. My musical background includes playing trumpet and being in marching band from sixth through twelfth grade, performing in front of thousands of people at parades,...