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New Year’s Resolutions: How We Doin’?


New Year’s Resolutions: How We Doin’?

new year

New Year’s Resolutions: How We Doin’?

Welcome to 2018! Now that we are three and a half weeks into the New Year, it is time to reflect on our resolutions. Are we still holding fast to our promises in the New Year? A bit shaky? Running a little late on that kick start? Did you finally get the instrument you always wanted, but still haven’t come in for lessons?

Our resolution for 2018 is to really get the word out that Paramus finally has a Music & Arts that provides lessons! As a company, we are the Nation’s largest provider of lessons, teaching over 34,000 students every week. You do not have to be in school to take lessons – we start at age five and go up from there. It is never too late to learn an instrument, and we would love to help you reach your goals. What makes our program special is just how we teach. There is no set curriculum, but rather the instructor teaches based on how you learn, what you want to learn, and your goals. Whether it is your first time holding the instrument or you’re trying to get into Jazz band or audition for All-State, we have the instructor for you!

Still unsure? Give us a call or drop an email at the store and we can go over your options. We can even talk to the instructor about a consultation. They can go over in detail their plan of attack based on just speaking with you and finding out your preferences. All of our instructors have degrees in music and been teaching for many years, so they can tackle just about anything.

Another good opportunity is to attend one of our Open Mics. Not only will some of our lessons student be performing, but some of our teachers too! They would love to discuss their program with you after showing off their skills. Check back on the website to see which teacher will be performing next.

So, the real question: how can we help you with your New Year’s Resolutions?