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Save some time! Rent Online!


Save some time! Rent Online!

It’s Back to School time again! Did you pick up all your supplies? Pens, pencils, binders, Alto saxophone….

This year, we are going paperless with our Rapid Rental system! Right from your smart phone or computer, you can process the rental to have shipped directly to the school or have it set to pick up in store. Your teachers have already told us all the supplies you need with the rental such as books, reeds and preferred cleaning supplies in order to take care of the instrument. All of these preferences will automatically pop up during your rental order to make this process as easy as possible.

Not confident with doing the rental online? No problem! We are here in store to help you from start to finish, even able to do the rental for you as well. Just give us a call or come on into the store so we can get you ready for the upcoming school year.