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Summer Electric Guitar Spotlight


Summer Electric Guitar Spotlight

by Michael

1.Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Special Electric Guitar Butterscotch Blonde.

This is my favorite electric guitar in the store because not only does it have The Look but it also has The Tone thanks to the single coil pickups. If you’re thinking about learning on a guitar that’s both comfortable and has a great sound, then the Affinity Series Telecaster by Squier will give you all that vintage vibe with a trademark tone to help inspire you.

2.Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top Electric Guitar.

The Les Paul Standard Plain Top by Epiphone is a great choice for those who are interested in playing on a guitar that is steeped in tradition. The iconic Les Paul shape, along with its smooth humbucker pickups, will give you a deep understanding of how it feels to be a rock star. With a solid mahogany body this guitar will keep you firmly anchored so you can rock out without fear of being swept away by your sea of fans!

3. Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '70s Natural

With the Vintage Modified Jazz Bass by Squier, you will be given the sonic palette to paint the songs of your dreams and become the Bob Ross of Bass. The classic Jazz bass style single coil pickups give you tone shaping capabilities that’ll shake mountains. This modified model gives you a blast from the past with all the modern amenities we have come to enjoy today.  

4. Boss Katana 100

From bedroom to headroom, the Boss Katana 100 watt amplifier gives you crushing tone at whisper volumes of half a watt so you can play for hours without year ears getting fatigued. But don’t be fooled, this amp has the power to roar at the flip of a switch to a full 100  watts so you can be sure to get the attention you deserve. It also has many onboard tone shaping capabilities like a dreamy tremolo and a spring reverb that’ll calm even the gnarliest of beasts.

5. Acoustic 100 Watt Bass Amp

The 100 watt Bass Amp by Acoustic is my favorite bass amp in the shop because of the clean, all in one design that helps you deliver the best tone with ease. The 15 inch driver helps you reach the deepest depths that’ll have you moving and grooving in no time. You also have a really well designed distortion blend option so you can introduce some volcanic heat to your playing. Get ready to make some waves!