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Get Ready for Summer with Some Lessons!


Get Ready for Summer with Some Lessons!

by Kurt

Man, it's summer already? We can't believe how fast the time files by here in store- it seems like just yesterday we were outfitting new musicians with their first rental instruments, and now it's almost summer break! With that in mind, we wanted to bring you all up to speed on some new things here in the store!

First off, a HUGE congratulations goes out to Justin Paschalides and his studio for having a great recital here at Springfield this past Sunday! It went amazingly well, and seeing how far his students have progressed really shows that lessons make all the difference in pursuing your dreams in music. Way to go Justin!

On that note, we know that a common question on everyone's minds right now is "What do I do with my rental instrument?" Well, the answer has two options. First, our contracts are month-to-month, so you are free to return the instrument to us or any Music and Arts location whenever you choose. However, you do have another option! Our contracts are also Rent-to-Own, which means that a portion of your rental payment does go towards what we call your Rental Credit. This credit can be used to purchase the instrument you're currently renting, but can also be used towards the purchase of intermediate or professional instruments! There are certain brands that you can apply 100% of your credit towards, such as Giardinelli for brass and woodwinds, as well as Strobel for our string instruments. However, if you return your instrument to us, this rental credit goes away! Questions? Feel free to call the store, or come in person to inquire about your account- we'd be more than happy to help!

Now that brings us to another summer option. If you're keeping your instrument, how about taking lessons over the summer? This is a great way to make sure that your musician keeps practicing outside of school, and also gives them more individualized attention from our professional instructors! School bands and orchestras are an excellent way to experience music, and having a weekly private instructor gives the student a one-on-one instruction with a teacher. This is usually the best way to give your student an edge when they come back to school in the fall! Interested? Talk to one of us here in the store for more information!

Finally, we just want to thank all of you for your patronage and support. Thanks to you, here at Springfield we've grown to a lesson program of over 450 students, and we're still growing strong! We've hired four new teachers, and had succesful recitals, Open Mic Nights, and group lessons. We couldn't do it without you, and we're looking forward to supporting you in your musical adventures!