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Experts in Springfield, 22150

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    • Ian
    • Senior Sales Associate - Springfield
    • At 18 years old Ian has played guitar for 4 years. He loves more agrresive types of music like rock and metal but has a soft spot for classical, jazz, and blues. He enjoys being able to help someone on their musical journey just as much as he enjoys continuing...
    • Logan
    • Senior Sales Associate - Springfield
    • My name is Logan James Fisher. I currently live in Fairfax, Virginia but am from Marshall, Virginia. I am going into my senior year at George Mason University where I am working towards my Bachelors degree with a major in Integrative Studies with a concentration...
    • Michael Miller
    • Senior Sales Associate - Springfield
    • Hey there! I have been playing trumpet for 19 years now and studied music at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Although trumpet is my main instrument, I also play piano and dibble in some pro audio and music technology. I really enjoy helping...
    • Shane
    • Senior Sales Associate - Springfield
    • Hello! My name is Shane. I started working for Music & Arts in August 2018 and have been loving it. I've been playing guitar and bass guitar for almost 11 years now and have also dabbled in piano. I am from Williamsburg, VA and moved up to the northern...
    • Will Trenum
    • Retail Manager - N - Springfield
    • I've been a musician for 15 years, starting with guitar and moving on to bass and keyboards. I have toured the world playing music and am very passionate about what I play. I have recently set up a small recording studio that I use for anything from...