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Student Level vs. Step Up Instruments


Student Level vs. Step Up Instruments

by Elliott

Is it time to upgrade your band or orchestra instrument? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long have you been playing? Most players step up to intermediate and professional level instruments after playing for 2-3 years.
  2. How long do you plan on playing your instrument? If you are considering playing throughout high school and beyond, it makes sense to upgrade to a higher quality instrument now that will keep up with your abilities as you progress as a musician.
  3. Do you plan on/already play in the marching band as well as concert band? We always recomend having two different instruments for concert and marching band. Student level instruments are much more durable than step up models and are better suited for being exposed to the eliments. Step up models are better suited for indoor concerts and performances because of their tone and playability.

If the player is serious about continuing with the instrument and has already played for 2-3 years, we generally recomend moving into a higher level instrument. As stated above, student level instruments are made to be more durable, where intermediate and professional level instruments are made to be easier to play with higher tonal qualities, but are more delicate.

We are running our Upgrade Your Sound promotion untill the end of June and we are offering 18 month 0% interest $0 down financing with 10% off any instrument $299.99 or more. Please stop in, email, or call anytime for instrument availibility and pricing.