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Why Rent from Music & Arts? ~A Teacher's Perspective


Why Rent from Music & Arts? ~A Teacher's Perspective

by Andrew
As the new school year is upon us and the kids are getting excited/anxious about the upcoming years, parents of band and orchestra students are asking the eternal question; "Where should I rent my instrument from?". This question is often times answered by a list of generic music stores and phone numbers. When parents see the name Music & Arts on the list they ask "Why should I rent from Music & Arts?".
    As someone who has taught instrumental music the public school system, allow me to answer this question for all you parents out there. Generally the first concern that a lot of parents have is the quality of the instrument that their child is renting. No student wants to go into band on the first day with an instrument that looks like it's been through a terrible battle. At Music & Arts, each rental instrument is refurbished before it comes back into the store, so each instrument both looks and plays great! Music & Arts rents well respected and popular instrument brands such as Selmer, Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter, Gemeinhardt and more. Another big concern is; "What else am I going to need to get, besides the instrument?"
The staff at Music & Arts is very knowledgeable in band and orchestra programs around the area and are familiar with all the supplies that your child will need to get going. Nothing is worse than getting the instrument home only to realize that no one thought to give you reeds for your clarinet. They have all the major reed brands like Vandoren and Rico. Music & Arts has all the major band and orchestra methods books such as Accent on Achievement, Standard of Excellent, Sound Innovation and Essential Elements, and is familiar with your child's teacher requirements for music. They have a listing of local schools and their requirements for students. Including school districts like Three Village, Middle Country, Sachem, Smithtown, Kings Park, Huntington, Half-Hollow Hills and many, many more. A concern that many parents don't even realize they have comes up a little later in the school year; "My child's instrument is dirty and starting to smell a little funky."
At Music & Arts, not only do they have all the cleaning and care supplies that you'll need to keep your instrument in tip-top shape in one convenient care kit, but they also offer FREE classes on how to take care of your instrument properly. These classes are held by their lesson teachers; individuals who are masters of their craft and really know what they are talking about. They are designed for both the student AND the parent, which is a good way to get involved in your child's musical education.
  With the ease of renting the instrument itself, the quality of the instrument, the one-stop-shopping for all the necessary supplies Music & Arts in Stony Brook is the smart choice for renting your band and orchestra instrument.