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Loud 'n Alive at The Forum - Check Out March's Clinics, Recitals, and more!


Loud 'n Alive at The Forum - Check Out March's Clinics, Recitals, and more!

by Nieves

MARCH is SHOWTIME at Music & Arts in The Forum

It's been a busy month of music making at The Forum! The store has been packed with weekends of learning, performances, guest artists, and student showcase recitals with more to come! Here's a snapshot of what went on at Music & Arts in The Forum this month:


(Browse our store photo album to take a peek at some scenes at some of our events this month)


March 5th- Guitars and Amps Clinic

Led by store manager, Roger Vasquez, and Music & Arts Guitar Lesson Studio instructor, Adam Martinez, The Forum started their month of events off with a bang! With both of Roger's and Adam's combined years of experience performing and teaching guitar, the attendees were intrigued as it was fueled organically by inquiries and thoughts from the participants themselves. Several guitar fans participated in the seminar by asking questions about guitar techniques, style considerations, and even sparked some interest in continuing their learning with our Lesson Studio instructors.


March 6th- Saxophone Clinic

Sunday at Music & Arts in The Forum saw the many faces of saxophone as Music & Arts Lesson Studio instructor Martin Roemisch and guest ensemble DubSax Quartet from Wilmington, NC answered questions about saxophone performance and practice techniques. Martin spoke the language of jazz to the young aspiring saxophonists and their families as he demonstrated chord progressions and techniques for improvisation accompanied by a backtrack. DubSax Quartet members Jessica Small, store associate Nieves Villasenor, Amy Thackston, and Justin Saunders spoke to students about practice techniques and performed their educational outreach set-list for the participants. In addition to introducing the four voices of the saxophone quartet to the audience, they had the opportunity to speak with the quartet and even tried the lesser-known saxophones (soprano and baritone saxophone.)


March 19th- Alex Caplis-Tuttle's Violin Studio Recitals

Family, friends, and fans of Alex Caplis-Tuttle's Violin Studio packed the store TWICE as her students showcased their hard work and progress through music in a double-recital. Students of all ages and experiences performed solo excerpts of repertoire being worked on so far this year. Parents love the store recitals and consistently show gratitude for the performance opportunities that Music & Arts at The Forum provides for their Lesson Studio students.


Keep checking with us at Music & Arts in The Forum to find out about more events like these and keep the music loud and alive at your very own community music store!