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New Teachers and Expanded Store Hours!


New Teachers and Expanded Store Hours!

by Yuri

Hello all!

I just wanted to give you a few updates. First of all, we expanded our store hours, so now we'll be open until 8pm Monday through Thursday and until 7pm on Fridays. This gives us an extra hour for music lessons, so if you prefer evening music lessons, we can accomodate!

We've also just added three new piano instructors, which means we have open availability on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for Piano Lessons. All of our instructors customize lessons to suit your or your child's musical interests, background and skill level.

Give us a call to schedule a free trial lesson with one of our great instructors! 973-956-0630

Our weekly lesson schedule is as follows:
Monday - Piano Lessons with Rita Blacker

Tuesday - Guitar Lessons with Victoria Warn

Wednesday - Piano with Gyasi Blanton, Guitar with Guy Fiumarelli, Drums with Mark Vaccaro

Thursday - Piano and Guitar with Andrew Zhang, Clarinet and Saxophone and Bassoon with Daniel Pasquale

Friday - Trombone and Brass with Peter Norell

Saturday - Piano with Ryan Tomski, Drums with Joe Spinelli, Clarinet and Saxophone and Bassoon with Daniel Pasquale

Sunday - Piano and Voice with Malden Comanda, Violin and Viola and Cello with Justin Louie, Flute with Bethany Demato