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Recording How-To!


Recording How-To!

by Matthew

So you spent the time and energy mastering your instrument, but now you want to put the sound you crafted into a recorded song. As you may have figured, performing and recording are two very different schools of magic. Microphones, mixers, interfaces, cables, and midis can all bog down the creative flow, and nothing is worse than when creating art feels like work. But don't fret, recording can be as expressive as performing, if not more!

Hello, my name is Matthew Blubaugh, a graduate from Temple University in Audio Engineering. I am having free recording classes in the month of May to help anyone in need to get their sound off the ground. I will be going over the basics of wrestling and wrangling live sound, and answering any questions you might have about the world of recording. Music & Arts will also be offering several discounted bundles to set you up with everything you need to succeed. Did I mention that the classes were free? If you are interested, you may call at 610-687-1721 or just come on in to schedule.