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Summer Practicing!


Summer Practicing!

by Vaughn

So the school year is FINALLY over! No tests or homework for 2 months! Life is good. But isn't it funny how after summer vacation is over and school starts again, you've forgotten a bunch of stuff from last year? Now the first couple weeks of school is just reveiw from last year. Ugh! We're playing catch up for the new school year. Well, turns out the same thing happens with music classes.

When you don't play (let's be real: even think about) your instrument for a couple months, you forget A LOT of what you learned the previous school year. But this doesn't have to be the case! Just picking up your instrument for a little bit each day makes a big difference. Playing your instrument through the summer is important for starting the new school year with no lapse in your playing. Consistancy is key when developing any skill, whether it be related to music, school, or sports. So remember: a tune a day keeps your music skills intact, okay?