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We're Moving! Update #1


We're Moving! Update #1

by Philip

                Hey everyone, we here at Music & Arts just wanted to give you a fresh update about the new store!  Our moving date has been postponed to June 15th, so for the rest of May, we'll be staying right where we are. While this will disappoint those who were excited about seeing the new location, pushing the date back gives us enough time to make sure everything is picture perfect for the first time you step in our doors. One of our main focuses is the development of new lesson studios which, will be more conveniently placed, sound-proofed, and will be less chaotic in design. So thank you for bearing with us during this transition.

                Speaking of lessons though, we have an exciting event coming up for all current and prospective students; THE LESSON EXPO! Towards the end of June, we will be having an exclusive first look at our new location. Our store will be offering everyone who walks through our doors the chance to meet all of our instructors and test out new instruments. Word of warning though, RSVP will be required to attend, so make sure to set up your visit prior. Also, SNACKS!

                   One final note: we are currently looking to hire new teachers for orchestral strings, piano, and guitar. If you would be interested in guiding students young and old through their musical journey, please email an updated resume to Anne at WaynePAMGR@musicarts.com !


                Well that's all for today.  Check back for more updates!