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Why Ukulele is better than Guitar...


Why Ukulele is better than Guitar...

by Michael
Hello my name is Michael and I am going to explain to you why the ukulele is better than the guitar. First of all, the ukulele has only four strings while the guitar has six. That is two less strings to worry about, which makes the ukulele significantly easier to learn.
Another great advantage is the size. The ukulele is much more portable than a guitar. You could bring your ukulele to a party, to the park, or just wander around your home aimlessly for hours plucking away without a care in the world.  I recently brought a ukulele on a plane as a carry on; it was a simple and painless experience.  The guitar is one of the most common instruments in the world. Why not spice it up a bit and play Ukulele?
Let’s talk about the different types of ukuleles. The soprano ukulele is the smallest ukulele and has the highest pitch; this is the size most commonly associated with ukuleles. The concert ukulele is the middle size with middle pitch; it is louder than the soprano, and slightly easier to play. The tenor ukulele is even larger and lower pitched. Then there is the Baritone ukulele which is tuned differently and has the lowest pitch, making it sound closer to a guitar. The standard tuning for a ukulele is GCEA (top string to bottom string)
If you need help choosing a ukulele or wish to sign up for lessons stop by the store or give us a call at 610-687-1721.