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Kates First Day (Tales from a life in Music Retail)


Kates First Day (Tales from a life in Music Retail)

Every once in a while I have to bring my kids to the store while I do a little work. My oldest daughter Kate (now 14) was about seven years old on this paticular day. She likes to sit on the tall stool behind the counter. She likes to draw and color and listen to conversations and act like she owns the joint!


At this particular time, I was sitting in the office on the computer and Kate was manning the counter. I can see her, but any customers that walk up wouldn't really notice me unlesss I peak out from around my desk. A man that was browsing around the store walks up to the counter. He must have thought seeing this little girl manning the counter looked a little out of place. The following is a word for word transcript of the conversation they had:

Man: "Do you work here?"

Kate: "Yes."

Man: "Well how much is this music stand?"

Kate: "I don't know."

Man: "I thought you said you work here?"

Kate: (Without missing a beat) "Today's my first day!"


I couldn't have been more proud!