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The Check (Tales from a Life in Music Retail)


The Check (Tales from a Life in Music Retail)

Disclaimer: This story (as all my stories) are from my 23 years of owning Ponier Music. Music and Arts does not currently purchase used gear. This is from around 2017.
Here's a fun phone conversation I had today with a customer.
Man:  I sold you a guitar recently and I've lost the check, can you write me another one?
Me:  Absolutely! I have to put a stop payment on the check you lost. That costs $28. Then I have to wait 24 hours for that to register with the bank, then I can write you a new check minus the $28.
Man:  Why do I have to pay the $28?
Me:  Because you lost the check. I'm not charging you $28, the bank charges me so I have to pass that along to you.
Man:  Well that won't work. The guitar I sold you was only $25.
Me:  I understand, so you won't want to go that route. Well... I hope you find that check.
Man: thank you, goodbye.
 Five minutes later the girlfriend (soundig very agitated and confrontational) calls me. First she asks me the same  questions the man asked, then she wants to inquire if the purchase of the guitar was legal.
Girl:   Was that even a legal purchase? We didn't sign anything when we sold you the guitar.
Me:  What was it you wanted to sign?
Girl:  I don't know, we didn't sign anything. Shouldn't something be signed to make this legal?
Me:  You mean like a bill of sale?
Girl: Yes!  There was no bill of sale!
Me: Well.... I don't need one, but if you want to write me one you can.
Girl: What do you mean?
Me:  You sold me the guitar, so you would be the person writing the bill of sale.
Girl: What do you mean?
Me:  You know how when you buy something from a store? They give you a receipt. I bought the guitar from you, so you would be giving me a receipt.
Long pause......
Girl:  Do you always pay with checks?
Me: Yes, we do.  That's how we keep track of things we purchase. 
Girl:  Well.....how do I know that's even a real check?
Me:  Well... That's the first time anybody's accused me of writing fake checks....... But if you find it... Try and cash it and then you'll know.
 She hung up on me.