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The Problem with YouTube (Musically Speaking)


The Problem with YouTube (Musically Speaking)

     YouTube is great for a lot of things. It taught me how to fix my garbage disposal. You know what it's not so great for? Beginning music lessons. This is just my humble opinion as a music educatior but I've seen this happen too many times: The kid is going to teach themselves. Most of the time, they quit! Why? Because starting from the beginning is maybe not as insteresting as watching that guy play like Eddie Van Halen. Guess what? If you start out trying to copy that guy, you'd get frustrated and quit too! 

     I had a 13 year old boy start drum lessons. He said he had been on YouTube learning to play all summer. After a summer of teaching himself, he could play one beat! ONE BEAT!!! Poorly! His technique was awful! Why? Because noone can look out from YouTube and say "Turn your hands." or "Don't leave the stick in the drum." or "Loosen up with the fingers." After a half hour with me, he could play 9 beats and was ready for more!

      Music is good for you! It helps your brain! It helps you develop. You want your kid to stick with music? Invest! Take Lessons! Ask them to practice.....just like you ask them to do their homework. Dont' let them go at it alone. Don't let them quit.

Music............makes you smarter!!!