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The Stapler (Tales from a Life in Music Retail)


The Stapler (Tales from a Life in Music Retail)

Dustin Davey was my very first employee. Great kid and I am proud to say he has grown into a fine young man that serves the community as a fireman. When I opened Ponier Music I would work open to close for years. I’d open the store, do all the store things and then Dustin would come in at 4PM and take over the counter because I was teaching about 40 drum students a week. In my early years of working the store, I wasn’t the most organized person. Every order book or bill or whatever paperwork I was using that day usually got left as clutter on the counter. When Dustin came in (God bless him) he would put it all back for me.

One day due to my lack of organizational skills, I was unable to find some staples. After looking for a while with no success, I promptly forgot about it and went about my business including teaching later in the day. My drum room was right behind the counter and every half hour I get to come out, change students and sometimes shoot the bull. While hanging out between students, I noticed the stapler on the counter, picked it up, unlocked it like I was going to put a staple in a bulletin board and said to Dustin “By the way, we’re out of staples.” While I said this, I pretended I was going to shoot a staple in Dustin’s bicep. I was very shocked and surprised when Dustin let out a very loud OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH!!!! And I think we were both shocked (myself more than Dustin) to see a staple embedded in his arm! Dustin looked at me and said “I FOUND THE STAPLES YOU Bleepedy Bleep Bleep!” Luckily I am 6’1” and Dustin was 15 years old. Otherwise I probably would have gotten my butt whooped and deservedly so.

Needless to say I am very sorry I did that to Dustin. But it does make for one of my all time favorite stories. Sometimes I’ll tell the story and then I’ll Facebook Dustin to tell him I was talking about him. His reply is “I know, my arm was throbbing today.”