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Did You Know? Private Music Teacher Discount Edition


Did You Know? Private Music Teacher Discount Edition

by Laura

Hey, all you music teachers in the universe! Did you know that Music & Arts offers exclusive discounts for private music teachers? If you didn't, now you know! Private music teachers can recieve 20% off sheet music at any time. Plus, if you visit a Music & Arts store on the first Monday of every month, that discount jumps to 30%. Talk about a real money saver, especially if you do the shopping for your students. Music & Arts understands the expense that private music teachers face when purchasing materials on a consistent basis. That is why Music & Arts also offers commercial accounts for private music teachers! With this program, you can purchase music from the store and pay once you are reimbursed from your students. Talk about convienience! Visit Music & Arts today to start using your private music teacher discounts!