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Step Up Rentals


Step Up Rentals

by Douglas

As your student progresses on his or her instrument there will come a time when an upgraded instrument will be necessary to continue that progress. These instruments are made from higher quality materials and allow for much better sound quality. Previously, these step-up and professional instruments were only available for purchase. However, now we are offering a select variety of these upgraded horns for rent!

This new program allows you to rent-to-own a new woodwind, brass or string instrument without committing to a purchase. Below are a list of some of the models available for rent. Call or stop in to the store for more details.

Giardinelli Clarinet 10GS

Yamaha 448 Trombone

Yamaha 480 Alto Sax

Giardinelli 10 Flute

Giardinelli 10S Trumpet