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How does your family music?


How does your family music?

by Patrick

Music comes in many shapes and forms, and can be created in an equal amount of ways. It doesnt take a pro to perform if your confident in your instrument and musical selection. Music is a wonderful form of expression and a great way to relax. Some great beginner instruments for musicians of all ages are sold here at Music and arts and can be quite affordable. For starters there is the recorder. I know what your thinking, the high pitched flute thingy i played in the 3rd grade? Thats the one! But with the inexpensive cost and the easy accessability the recorder can be great fun! We also have a good supply of popular music books to support the recorder including Star Wars and the Beatles. The next instrument to the novice to fool around with would be the Ukulele. Ukuleles have a wide range of prices and styles from around 30$ to upwards of 300$. The ukulele has become a cultural phenomonon! Its easy to pick up and play and has begun to gain support through several channels. Several Youtube performers and teachers as well as popular musicians have adopted the ukulele. It has a basic tuning and the chords are fairly easy to play, once learning a couple of chords the world is your oyster! There are several books instock today that will have you feeling like a ukulele rock star in no time. Books like The Beatles- The Rolling Stones- Frozen- Moana and lots more. Wanna learn more about easy ways to cool your summer off with music, just come down to the store and speak with any associate and we will set you on the right path to a musical summer vacation!