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Letters to Liz


Letters to Liz

Dear  Liz,

My son has been playing saxophone for a few years now, and is starting to feel frustrated. He isn’t seeing very much progress. What can I do to help him or encourage him?


Feeling Deflated


Dear Feeling Deflated,

Never fear, this is a common problem for musicians of all ages. After we reach a certain level of proficiency, it becomes more and more difficult to advance without some helpful instruction. I suggest bringing him to a private teacher. Our teachers offer one on one instruction in a safe, friendly atmosphere, in order to help your student benefit the most.

He also might enjoy some fun music: playing exclusively from instructions books can get boring and repetitive. We have lots of music for all ages, from classical to pop and rock! Currently, we also have our Christmas music, with a variety of songs to choose from. Don’t discount the fun of playing a mini-concert for grandparents over the holidays. My favorite fun book that we have is “Star Wars: A Musical Journey” which contains music from Episodes I-VIII.

Happy Playing,

Liz B


Dear Liz,

I have two kids who are both advanced players. I’m having a tough time figuring out a Christmas present for them. Do you have any suggestions.


Christmas Present Parent


Dear CPP,

It’s hard to find presents when your kids seem to have everything they need. We carry a variety of stocking stuffers, including ornaments and magnets, as well as bumper stickers and t-shirts. If you want something more utilitarian, my suggestion is a Titan Concert Music Stand; I bought one for myself last Christmas and use it all the time. It is sturdy and portable, so I can store it when company comes over.

I also suggest an instrument stand, so that they don’t have to pack their instrument away every time they are done playing. Studies show that players are more likely to practice when the instrument is out and on a stand, so that they are looking at it and there is less set-up time. We carry both Titan and Hercules stands for band and orchestra instruments, and we even have titan stands for guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and many more.

Happy Holidays,

Liz B


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