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Practice Makes Perfect


Practice Makes Perfect

by Patrick

Good Day fellow musicians and parents of aspiring musicians. Today I want to tell you the beauty of PRACTICE. Practice is the simplest of foundations in working towards the goal of improving your skills as a musician. Practice can be many things, it does not by any means need to be a rigid or strict process. Just the smallest amount of playing your instrument on a regular basis can make a world of difference. I always suggest that you pick up your instrument at least once a day, how long you practice is up to you! With making a concious effect to put some work into practice each day, it becomes more of a daily trea than a chore. Practice time should be more than simply just reviewing pieces that are assigned, its a time for you to enjoy the instrument you have  chosen to learn. Try learning your favorite songs, maybe just the melody line, and see how it makes you feel accomplished! Parents getting students to practice can be a different animal all together. It comes down to the same philosophy of play because you love it, not because its easy. Encourage your student to practice to the teachers standards, but make the time to play whats fun to them. I also suggest a fun book that focuses on popular music or well known movie soundtracks to help the student not get bored with methods and scales etc. Another way to inspire your student to play is to find videos of musicians playing your students instrument at a high level. This helps students see the potential of the instrument that they have taken up. I also encourage students of all ages to learn a piece and perform it. Whether it for friends or family, or even just one person it feels good to show off your accomplishment and inspires to continue learning to achieve the next level! PLAY EVERYDAY, PLAY WHAT YOU LOVE