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Learn how to play percussion


Learn how to play percussion

by David
The best decision I ever made in my young life was to choose to be a percussionist! I took my first formal lessons when I was 8; I was in third grade. This wasn't a random decision. Before then, If there was a drum of any type in the vicinity, I would find it and jam out with whatever music was playing. When it came time to choose an instrument for school band, drums were the only option for me!
With over 50 years experience playing with small groups, I can present a tailor made course of instruction which will help my students develop their technical, sight reading, and listening skills, with a heavy emphasis on musicianship.
For beginning students, we can cover sight reading, listening skills and basic technique to develop the grip and stick control so whether you are a school band student or are starting your own band, you will be ready to contribute positively to your ensemble.
For those who already have a background musically but want to either ascend to the next level or learn percussion in addition to instruments on which they are already proficient, we can work on a program of reading, listening and practicing which will help you to reach those goals.
Achieving a level of proficiency on percussion can lead to many rewards. In addition to being compensated for your  bands services, playing drums is great exercise, group drumming has become a legitimate form of mental and physical therapy, and there is no substitute for the feeling of rocking a song with your band as you watch the audience dance, gyrate and sing along to the tune. It's also nice when they go nuts with appreciation after a particularly great performance.
My personal goal for myself and all of my drum set students is to be able to provide a solid rhythmic bedrock while enhancing the roles of the other musicians in the group and providing visual interest through highly evolved technical skill.