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Apr 08
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wilmington NC Music & Arts
2340 South 17th Street

The first annual Fayetteville Strings Showcase will be the largest string event in town.  This one day only event will feature the greatest selection of vendor supplied brands and models ever assembled in this area.  Players will have the opportunity to play through dozens of instruments and work with our on-site experts to choose the perfect one.  Current Music & Arts string rental customers will be allowed to use 100% of their rental credit to purchase.  Everyone will have access to the deepest discounts of the year with qualified buyers having the option of interest-free financing.  This is truly the best chance to play your heart out and find the instrument you've always been looking for.  Please call your local Music & Arts location, or contact the Fayetteville Music & Arts at 910-864-8808 or fayettevillemgr@musicarts.com to make an appointment now!

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