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The Importance of Lessons


The Importance of Lessons

by Heather

When I was a young child, taking music lessons seemed a bit to me like going to the doctor.  Lack of ability was akin to an ailment for which I might need a prescription.  Unfortunately, my aversion stemmed from the grumpy, elderly woman with whom I took piano lessons.  My, how times have changed!  If a store like Music & Arts had existed when I was younger, the experience would have been completely different.

Today, our Woodstock Music & Arts location boasts almost 200 students!  This can be directly attributed to the amazing teachers we have.  Not only are the teachers qualified by music degrees and loads of teaching experience, but a shining, visible love for what they do.  Lessons are tailored for the individual's goals and interests, keeping the experience fun and fresh.

Lessons are important for every player regardless of playing level or ability.  I have a Masters degree in flute perfomance, and would still love to take lessons!  There is always inspiration to be had and there is always someone better than you.  In the school setting, there are often more than forty students per band/orchestra director.  It is sometimes difficult for each individual to get all the attention they need.  Each student progresses at their own rate;  some students may fall a bit behind, and some students might actually be ahead of others and not receiving enough of a challenge!

There is a place in the Lesson Studio for everyone!  You'll never know if you don't try it.  Give your Woodstock Music & Arts a call today!