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Upgrade Your Sound


Upgrade Your Sound

by Milton
Imagine the largest showcase of instruments in the nation is your playground? Oh wait, it is! Come and play with us and some of the world’s best instrument makers! You can try any instrument before you purchase, consult with experts- and with amazing discounts and rebates, not to mention up to 36-month financing, it’s easier than ever for you to upgrade your sound! RSVP now! ESVP: View More

Allen ISD Instrument Selection Day 3/18/17

by Jerry
Welcome new band members! If you are currently in the 5th grade at an Allen ISD school and are signed up for band next year then you will be selecting your instrument on March 18th.  Each middle school will host an Instrument Selection Day on Saturday, March 18th where students will trials instruments with the band directors on site in order to select your instrument.  Each location (Curtis, Ereckson,... View More

Aug 6th Allen 6th Grade Band Registration and Instrument Pick Up Day

by Jerry
This Saturday, August 6th, from 9am to 1pm at the Performing Arts Center, Music & Arts will be on site with your reserved instrument and/or accessories.  Please see us in the band hall on Saturday to pick up your instrument if you have previously completed a contract with us (either at the instrument selection day in March, or at the store). We will have all instruments organized by the elementary... View More

Upgrade Your Sound

by Jerry
Upgrade Your Sound   This is an eveing for advancing musicians to find the right step up instrument to help them continue to be successful.  As students advance, they outgrow their student model horn whcih is designed for a beginner student's success.  Upgraded or "step up" instrumetns are made with higher quality materials and craftsmanship and are built for playing, not learning.  Upgrede... View More