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      About Michael S

      Mike Solarczyk
      Michael S
      Retail Manager
      Location: Manassas, VA
      Speaks: English
      Expertise: Guitar, Marching Percussion, Violas, Violins

      Get to know Michael S

      My name is Mike Solarczyk.  I play pretty much anything with a string attached to it.  My First love was the Violin.  I studied in public school and pursued it in college as well.  I am amazed at what incredible sounds the violin can produce.  When I first heard Bazzini's "Round of the Goblins" I could not believe that the violin could do those things. Left hand pizzacato, atrificial harmonics, riccochet bowing, and a slew of other techniques that were foreign to me.  I then found Paganini.  Wow.  Insanity! Lately guitar has been my instrument.  I play mostly classical.  I am a finger picker.  I love that style.  I feel that the guitar is very much like a piano.  With a piano you can play chords, melody and even sing over it all at the same time.  With the guitar, especially with finger style you can do the same thing.  I like artists like Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke.  I listen to pretty much everthing.  I like classic rock and the jam band scene mostly.  Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Umphries Mcgee, Etc.  Trey Anistasio is one of my guitar heros.  Older Pro-rock is another big part of my collection.  Old Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, and Jethro Tull are on the rotation in my ipod. 
      Michael S works at:
      8029 Sudley Rd
      Manassas, VA 20109
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