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Summer's here! Now what to do with this rental?


Summer's here! Now what to do with this rental?

by Shannon

During the last months of May, our stores fill with first-time rental parents wondering what they should do with the instrument they rented at the beginning of the school year. Here are a few options to think about before turning that puppy in for the summer.

1. All of our rental accounts (in good standing) accrue rental credit during the contract. If the long term goal is to eventually purchase an instrument for your child, you'll want to hold onto the account until you are ready to make a purchase. At the store, we can give you detailed purchase options unique to you and your student's needs.

2. Lessons! We have a full lessons studio with teachers prepared to grow your student's musical abilities beyond what they've picked up in the classroom. You'll see on our page that all of our teacher bios are posted. Find the teacher that you'd like to teach your child, submit the request, and we'll reach out to you to set up your first lesson appointment ASAP!

3. Switching from a violin to a trumpet? No problem. We can exchange the instrument on your plan and transfer all of your rental credit over to the new instrument. Please consult your teachers before making this move unless it is the natural flow of your child's school music program. Sometimes supplemental private lessons are necessary to facilitate the change beyond 6th grade.

I hope this helps clear things up for you. Please reach out to us at 314-739-4265 if you have any additional questions.

Have a great summer!


Bridgeton Store Manager

Music & Arts