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Guitar, Violins, Violas

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Phish, Genesis, Danny Gatton, Dave Matthews Band, Yes, Micheal Hedges

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Guitar, Violin, Hand Percussion, Banjo, Mandolin

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Retail Manager - N

The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.  J.S. Bach

About Me

My name is Mike Solarczyk.  I play pretty much anything with a string attached to it.  My First love was the Violin.  I studied in public school and pursued it in college as well.  I am amazed at what incredible sounds the violin can produce.  When I first heard Bazzini's "Round of the Goblins" I could not believe that the violin could do those things. Left hand pizzacato, atrificial harmonics, riccochet bowing, and a slew of other techniques that were foreign to me.  I then found Paganini.  Wow.  Insanity! Lately guitar has been my instrument.  I play mostly classical.  I am a finger picker.  I love that style.  I feel that the guitar is very much like a piano.  With a piano you can play chords, melody and even sing over it all at the same time.  With the guitar, especially with finger style you can do the same thing.  I like artists like Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke.  I listen to pretty much everthing.  I like classic rock and the jam band scene mostly.  Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Umphries Mcgee, Etc.  Trey Anistasio is one of my guitar heros.  Older Pro-rock is another big part of my collection.  Old Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, and Jethro Tull are on the rotation in my ipod. 

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