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      About Christopher Horne

      Chris Horne
      Christopher Horne
      Music Teacher, Master
      Location: Middletown, DE
      Speaks: English
      Instructs: Bass Guitar, Guitar
      Education: B.A. Shenandoah Conservatory
      Performance Experience: The Everafter - Acoustic Trio 2015-Present .... We play Bars, Restaurants, Weddings and Private Parties on East Coast from Wilmington,DE down to Ocean City,MD
      Teaching Experience: Teaching Private Guitar Lessons for 24 years
      Teaching Philosophy: With a little bit of Inspiration, Fun and Discipline I can make a guitar player out of anyone. I have taught a few thousand students of all ages and abilities over the years. Through this time, I have developed teaching Strategies and Techniques to lay a strong Foundation of Music and Guitar, as well as tailor my lessons for the individual and their specific needs

      Get to know Christopher Horne

      I am a professional musician with many years of experience. 

      My Mission is to bring the joy of music and guitar to all my students


      Private guitar lessons from age 11- 18

      Won two Talent shows at Elkton High School 1990 and 1991


      B.A. In Commercial music from Shenandoah Conservatory in 1995. 

      I studied Theory, Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar, Songwriting, Recording, Sight Singing, Conducting and played in a Classical Guitar Ensemble 


      Started teaching in 1997, and have been teaching private lessons ever since. Going on 24 years now


      Private lessons 

      All styles of rock from the 50's to present day (beginner to advanced) 

      Classical (Beginner) and Jazz (beginner) , 

      Blues and Funk and Pop styles are also explored, Plus Songwriting and Recording Techniques

      *I also teach beginner bass lessons

      As well as having my own personal students (Soulstrings Inc.) 

      I have also been teaching through Music and Arts in Middletown and Camden, De 

      (Started there in 2015)

      "I love teaching guitar and helping people experience the joys of music.

      Over the years I have successfully taught many people of different ages, abilities and personalities."


      I am currently the Bandleader and Lead guitarist and Co-Lead Vocalist in an Acoustic Trio called The Everafter

      We play cover songs and a few originals and we gig from Wilmington, De to Ocean City, Md



       open chords, barre chords, power chords, triads, 7th chords, suspended chords


      The 5 positions, 5 pentatonics, the blues note, 7 modes, harmonic minor, melodic minor etc.


       hammer ons, pull offs, alternate picking, two hand tapping, arpeggios, basic Iicks, 

       Sweep picking, string skipping, phrasing, triads, bends, slides etc.

      READING MUSIC      

       Mel Bay or Hal Leonard Method 1, 2, 3, 4, plus holiday songs

      MUSIC THEORY       

       Formulas for the major/minor scale, chords, intervals, chord progressions, harmony, 

       Transposition etc. 


       Classic guitar riffs that built the foundation of modern guitar and are standard in the guitarist  



      The student learns to take the theory, chords, scales and songs we have learned to personalize their guitar playing and find their own identity 


      I take the student through the basics of songwriting. We will analyze other songs and write our own ! 

      *A lot of my lessons are also accompanied with play along videos I create for my students

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      Christopher Horne teaches at:
      4380 Summit Bridge Rd Suite 7
      Middletown, DE 19709
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