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      About Chris Volkstorf

      Chris Volkstorf
      Chris Volkstorf
      Music Teacher, Master
      Location: Springfield, VA
      Speaks: English
      Instructs: Bass Guitar, Guitar
      Education: Music Theory in high school
      Performance Experience: Thousands of gigs over the past thirty years
      Teaching Experience: Audio Light & Musical, Norfolk Va School of Rock, Silver Spring Md
      Teaching Philosophy: I encourage students to learn to play rhythmically, and how to concentrate and LISTEN. To be a successful musician, a player needs to lock in with other musicians (especially the drums). The most important aspect of practice in the early stages is being able to truly hear what is happening when learning a new technique, song, or piece of music. That involves learning to hear every nuance of what your hands are doing, and how that relates to the instrument and the subsequent sounds created.

      Get to know Chris Volkstorf

      I have been a musician and guitarist since 1985, when I first started screwing around with a friend's cheap Strat-copy, and over the years I have developed a versatile and entertaining style of guitar playing. I have been in several bands (Hot Buttered Elvis, Bloody Meri, SUPERFAMOUS, CB Radio) and have extensive experience both on stage and in the recording studio. I love all kinds of music, from blues and blues-based styles like rock and jazz, to more esoteric and atmospheric genres. These days I devote much of my time to writing songs and instrumental music.

      Chris Volkstorf teaches at:
      6418 Springfield Plz
      Springfield, VA 22150
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